Graze Subscription 4 Sample pack

I have wanted to get the Graze Subscription for my husband for a while now, but didn’t know much about it.  I found a code online to get a free 4 pack to try.  Well he LOVES it.  He loves to snack and this gives him different items that we have never tried before. They come in these sealed little containers so they can easily be put in a lunch box or purse. You get to also customize your snack preferences so you are not receiving an item that you dislike.


We received strawberries and cream granola.  This is so good.  We put it on greek yogurt!!  Sour cream and onion crostini.  This was his favorite item in the box.  It had a great taste.  Butterscotch popcorn flapjack.  And Tuscan pesto kern pops. These were really good as well.  So this box was a 4/4 for us.

Give it a try.  Use our referral code to help us earn a free box.  7PWHZLVVP