Boodle box August 2016

Boodle Box August 2016

Girls subscription box.   My daughter just got her first one and she loves it!

It comes with many neat little girly items.

19.99 per month

Here is what she got in this box:


  1. Printed Pencil Tin: Retails for $12: Seen at vera Bradley.  She loves this cute pencil tin.  She is keeping her glitter pen in it right now that also came in this box.
  2. Purple Braided Scarf: Retails for $19.99 seen at etsy:  Very cute braided scarf.  she can’t wait for school to start to show it off to her friends.
  3. Nail Art Stickers:  Retails for $2. seen at walgreens.  What little girls doesn’t like her nails done?  Now she can add a little bling to her nails with the stickers!
  4. Popband active headband: retails for $7.88 seen at popband.  My daughter is very active in lots of sports so these headbands are used a lot with her.  She was very excited to get some new ones!
  5. Glitter artist set: retails for $4.99 seen at NPW gifts: She loves this set.  However we haven’t gotten the pen to work yet.  The pen has the glue in it and it won’t come out.  She has used the glitter already though.
  6. Scented Notepad and Glitter pen.  retails for $2.99 seen at scentco.  This notepad really does smell like cookies!!  My daughter loves it and the glitter pen!

I love how they tell us where it came from.  If we are interested in more we know just where to go!!

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